Surface treatments

Save time with surface treated products

Painted products render the construction process efficient. Our plant in Bergstena is home to one of the most modern paint shops in the Nordics, so why not let us do part of the job?

Higher quality with painted wood products

Our large paint shop with its two parallel production systems is right next door to the planing mill. Because painting is largely automated, we’re able to deliver consistently high quality at high speed. We can paint up to 200 metres of timber per minute, which means a normal Swedish house takes about 15 minutes to paint. And we’re in full control from start to finish. Each layer of paint is applied in exactly the right amount where the thickness applied (µm number) is continuously checked. The wood is then dried and packed ready for delivery.

Products with base coats and primers come in white as standard but are available in any NCS colour.

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Our surface treatments

Surface treatments - Ytterpaneler, konstruktionsvirke, råspontsluckor och takstolar.

Certified topcoat

Wood products with base coats and primer can be erected immediately upon delivery regardless of the season and are protected for up to 1 year before they need a topcoat. This saves a lot of time on site.

Our paint shops work with water-borne alkyd paint from Alcro and the Beckers group subsidiary Tikkurila, which is the brand for industrial painting. We use Pinja Protect for the base coat and primer, which is certified by the Nordic Swan eco-label and CMP, (Swedish Certified Painted Panel) and meets strict environmental requirements and high-quality standards.

We offer painted products in white as standard but can also supply wood products in any NCS colour.

Painting guide Pinja Protect (PDF)


Surface treatments - Ytterpaneler, konstruktionsvirke, råspontsluckor och takstolar.


Distemper has been used in Sweden since the 18th-century and is part of our history. Traditionally, the paint was red, but today there are distempers in a variety of colours. We supply wood products painted with distemper from Falu Vapen. Only a final coat need be applied on site.

Falu Vapen – Colour chart (PDF)


Surface treatments - Ytterpaneler, konstruktionsvirke, råspontsluckor och takstolar.


When you want to retain the natural structure and colour of the wood, glaze is an option. Today’s glazes provide good protection against drying out, cracking and the sun’s UV rays. We offer several brands of glaze.

Surface treatments - Ytterpaneler, konstruktionsvirke, råspontsluckor och takstolar.

Iron vitriol

Treatment with iron vitriol gives the wood surface a beautiful shade of grey similar to that untreated wood gets after a few years exposure to sun, wind and weather. Treatment with iron vitriol should always take place before installation, to allow the solution also to penetrate the tongue.

Surface treatments - Bygga hus i Göteborg.

Fire retardant impregnated wood

In collaboration with Woodsafe Timber Protection, we offer type-approved, CE-certified wood according to the highest material property class.

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Surface treatments - Bygga hus i Göteborg.

Heat-treated wood

Wood that is allowed to dry at high temperatures becomes resistant without chemicals. An eco-friendly option for special hardwoods.

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Other surface treatments

We also use pine tar vitriol, Sioo and more. Contact us for more information.


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