The building material

The construction industry is responsible for major greenhouse gas emissions. One way to change this and achieve climate-smart production is to replace concrete and steel with wood.

The building material - Ytterpaneler, konstruktionsvirke, råspontsluckor och takstolar.

The future is made of wood

The construction industry is failing to meet its climate goals. Greenhouse gas emissions are increasing instead of decreasing, and as long as concrete accounts for 90% of apartment building production, the problems will remain. But things are changing. By replacing concrete and steel with wood, we can reconcile a high rate of construction with Sweden’s climate goals. Many people understand this, and today more and more of them are choosing to build with wood.

Wood has a significantly lower climate impact than other building materials. This is not only because wood is a renewable material, but also because it requires significantly less energy to process and transport. By opting out of steel and concrete and using more wood instead, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions in both the long and short terms.