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We offer a complete range of products for builders’ merchants. Our broad product range makes it easy to maximize truck loads and minimize shipping costs. This is good for the environment and profitability.

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Exterior panel / Norrland cladding

The wood for our external panels comes from Norrland’s forests, which makes for high-quality products. We offer a wide range of profiles for both standing and horizontal panels. Norrland cladding is our basecoat and primer painted panel that can be installed in any season.

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Roof boards / The Perssons roof board

Lay roofs quickly with tongue-and-groove boards. Anyone looking to save a lot of time and reduce the risk of mould should choose Perssons roof boards, which come painted with base coat and primer on delivery. Perssons roof boards are 540 mm wide and available in thicknesses of 20 and 23 mm.

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Bargeboards / The Perssons bargeboard

Bargeboards are constantly exposed to wind and weather and ideally have no joints. We supply finger-jointed bargeboards in 7.2 metre lengths. Perssons bargeboards come with a base coat and primer on delivery and only need a final coat after installation.

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The Perssons frame

Pre-cut frames with a precise fit save time. Nothing needs to be measured or cut on site. Each part is marked, and the cross ties and truss beams have milled grooves for the studs. Everything fits and nothing is wasted. Only the packaging needs discarding.

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Roof trusses

Modern CNC cutting also allows us to create complex roof trusses efficiently. Every year, we manufacture around 20,000 roof trusses for all kinds of buildings in our roof truss hall. Some are small, others up to 24 metres long; all are CE-marked.

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Finger-jointed / Construction timber

Timber in the right lengths makes the job easier. Our finger-joint facility supplies studs, construction timber, exterior panels and bargeboards in lengths from 7.2 to 12 metres. The result is very strong, rigid timber where the finger joint prevents warping.

We offer strength-graded, CE-marked construction timber for wall studs, frames, roof trusses and large buildings. Our sorting line is certified and approved by RISE and undergoes regular quality audits to meet international industry standards.

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